BT-RB-350 M/S

BT-RB-350 is a stainless steel low level tipper designed to tip and discharge standard 200 litre and 300 litre Eurobins onto working surface / into tank.
Offers ease of operation, low maintenance and fast clean down, increases labor productivity at the enterprise.

  • Stainless steel 304 grade construction
  • Electro-Hydraulically powered
  • Fully mobile design as standard (M), can be specified as a static model (S)
  • Tipping angle range 120° max from lowered position
  • Max tipping height: 1035 mm
  • Gripping type: under the required bin
  • Guid tray: replaceable


* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.

Equipment Works:

The bin is lifted and tiped under the action of a hydraulic cylinder.
The control system -  button station with indicator light.
Equipment operation is accompanied by sound alert.

IP rating IP 65
Dimensions LxBxH, mm 1300 х 1520 х 1440 / 2410*
Weight, kg 260
Carrying Capacity, kg 350
Battery / Mains supply version control voltage, V 12 / 380

Additional options:

  • lifting effort;
  • tipping height;
  • wheel supports;
  • screw supports;
  • sound alarm;
  • charger;
  • light alarm;
  • barrier