MGRB-02 hand hygiene station wth turnstile gate is designed to ensure that employers or visitors sanitise thier hands prior to entering the food production or designeted areas. Stainless steel turnstile, which will automatically unlock when the operator has correctly followed the machine's requirements.


  • Stainless steel 304 grade construction
  • Available as a wall/floor mounted option
  • Automatic dosing of sanitising agent
  • Signal lights to indicate process is complete
  • "Anti-panic" mode
  • Controller with fully adjustable parameters
  • Ready for integration with Accounting Systems Access Control

* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.


The operator simply steps up to the unit and places both hands within the chamber. Sensors mounted within the chamber detect the presence of hands and solutions is dispensed throuhg the jets. After the solution has been dispensed, the turnstile will unlock and allow the passage of the person.


Upon leaving the production areas, the turnstile is always unlocked.

IP rating IP 65
Consumed power, kWt 0,3
Dimensions LxBxH, mm 880 х 900 х 1285
Wight, kg 500
Mains supply 220 V, 50+1 Hz