MGRB-5 is the largest hygiene station within our range. It combines the functions of hand washing, hand drying, and hand and sole sanitation upon entering the plant, and sole cleaning upon leaving the plant.

Stainless steel turnstile, which will automatically unlock when the operator has correctly followed the machine's requirements.


  • Stainless steel 304 grade construction
  • Automatic dosing of sanitising agent
  • Signal lights to indicate process is complete
  • 2 rotating walk-through footwear brush cleaner with automatic supply of sanitising agent
  • Hand rinsing device which will automatically start when the operator places the both hands inside
  • Air blade hand drying system
  • "Anti-panic" mode
  • Controller with fully adjustable parameters
  • Ready for integration with Accounting Systems Access Control

* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.


The process begins when the employee steps up to a drip zone for entering the production area and place their hands inside the hand washing units for quick throughput (hand whashing, rinsing and drying). Then the employee steps up to the footwear sanitisation zone and initiates the sensor, which automatically starts the brushes. The employee passes over the rotating brushes, which clean the soles of the shoes. They then place their hands inside the hand sanitizer section where their hands are sanitized. After the hands are sanitized, the turnstile unlocks and allows access into the production areas.


Upon leaving the production areas, the turnstile is always unlocked. On exiting the production area, the employee passes through the exit lane and cleans the soles of their shoes.

Capacity 5-7 persons/min
Brush size, mm 900 / D180
Consumed power, kWt 3,6
Dimensions LxBxH, mm 2830 х 995 х 1780
Wight, kg 350
Mains supply 380 V, 50 Hz
Water - supply G 1/2