Modular belt Curved Conveyors

Modular belt Curved Conveyors

Curved Modular belt conveyors are well-suited to applications that involve travelling around corners 90 / 180 or for complex trajectory, wich permits to create complex-configurated production lines.

Curved Modular belt conveyors main purpose is to modernize production processes and improve productivity.

While flat belt conveyors use a single, continuous loop of material, modular conveyor belt systems use a single loop made of countless interlocked pieces, usually made of hard plastic. These segments can be removed and replaced individually, in contrast to having to discard the entire belt. They’re also easier to wash, as well as more resistant to sharp and abrasive materials. This makes modular belt conveyors simpler to maintain and repair than their flat belt counterparts.

AMOTEK can design and manufacture curved modular plastic belt conveyors customized to our customers’ specific needs. Whether you’re a general manufacturer or have unique industry-specific challenges, AMOTEK can make create a custom conveyor system that will work for you.

* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.

Equipment Advantages

  • Modular system to fit your loads and implementation constraints
  • High cost-effectiveness & efficiency
  • Seamless integration with new or existing equipment
  • Ease of assembly, simple maintenance and modernization
  • Low operational costs
  • Long service life and dependability
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Speed,м/s 0,3-0,6
Height, mm to 2500
Belt width, mm to 1200
Control Cabinet  AISI 304 IP65 with frequency speed regulation
Drive Center gear-motor