Meat Processing / Boning Line

AMOTEK offers a wide range of primal cutting as well as deboning solutions for beef/cattle, focusing on customized solutions with the highest possible cutting precision and the most efficient use of personnel.

Our equipment meets the high standards for hygiene and food safety and is designed for the best possible ergonomics for the operator to ensure optimal working conditions. 

AMOTEK bonning lines can be used for transportation of product, primal cutting, trimming and deboning.

Can be designed in several tiers:
-1 main (bone conveyor)
- extra tiers (pre-sorting, crates supply, the trimmed products transportation to packing or for further processing on conveyors or in trays)

Line can include:
- carcase table
- main conveyor belt
- bone conveyor belt
- conveyor for trimmed products
- pre-sorting conveyor
- workstations with cutting and deboning tables
- sorting table

Line configuration and the number of operatives are determined according to customer technical requirements.

* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.

Side mounted tables can be placed along the conveyor at any position. Removable tabletops are made of polypropylene. Conveyors for bones going directly into containers are placed in an ergonomic position for the butcher. The trimmed products can either be transported to packing or for further processing on conveyors or in trays. Chips, fat and bones are usually transported on a separate secound tier.

Waste product is collected in the special hopper. The velocity of main conveyor belt is altered by staff productivity.

Equipment Advantages

  • High capacity and suitable for all conditions
  • Improved ergonomic working conditions and optimization of production
  • SHighly efficient
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Full traceability of either the individual animal or in batch
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Speed,м/s 0,2-0,8
Height, mm to 2500
Belt width, mm to 800
Operatives  2/4 or 4/8
Drive Center gear-motor