Elevator Conveyors

Elevator Conveyors

AMOTEK offer a complete range of stainless steel elevator conveyors (inclined belt conveyors) designed to suit a variety of different applications involving the transportation of product up inclines and down declines, and to feed products into large machinery such as multi-head weigh scales, grinders, or any other custom-made hopper.

The main advantage is that the modular belt can have different length. With the application of the modular belt, technical solutions allow constructing conveyor systems with any number of tilts and turns, including spiral sectors.

Modular system, configurations, different conveyor belting options, length and width of the belt are determined according to customer needs and the material conveyed.

Equipment Advantages

  • Modular system to fit your loads and implementation constraints
  • High cost-effectiveness & efficiency
  • Seamless integration with new or existing equipment
  • Ease of assembly, simple maintenance and modernization
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Speed, м/s 0,3-0,6
Height, mm no limit
Belt width, mm to 800
Control Cabinet AISI 304 IP65 with frequency speed regulation
Drive Center gear-motor


* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.