Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Belt straight conveyors are used to continuous conveying relatively small and lightweight products in various domains of application in food processing industry.

Conveyors can operate independently or as part of a complete plant. There are a number of reasons why belt conveyors are so ubiquitous, but among the most important is their versatility.

Modular system, configurations, different conveyor belting options, length and width of the belt are determined according to your implementation constraints and the material conveyed. Our engineers adapt any product from our range to the client's needs and also they can propose innovative solutions.

They simulate in detail all the components and thoroughly analyze every transport, transfer process, giving the client a complete analysis for a standalone conveyor or complex conveyor systems.

Equipment Advantages

  • Modular system to fit your loads and implementation constraints
  • High cost-effectiveness & efficiency
  • Seamless integration with new or existing equipment
  • Ease of assembly, simple maintenance and modernization
  • Low operational costs
  • Long service life and dependability
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Speed,м/s 0,3-0,6
Height, mm to 2500
Belt width, mm to 1200
Control Cabinet  AISI 304 IP65 with frequency speed regulation
Drive Center gear-motor



* The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications.